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Big Google Changes: Webspam Update Makes Big Waves

It’s official; Google has done it again with some major changes going through to the algorithms (the factors that decide how you’re site should be found on the search engine results). This time they’re targeting sites that have been “spamming” or trying to manipulate the search results through “link schemes” and “over optimization”.

Some of these changes were expected; the link spam and link schemes out there last year were so prevalent that almost any business could experience huge gains in visits by hiring overseas link builders or using a network of blogs to post their site on. This made life more difficult for any SEO company or individual business owner trying to play by Google’s rules and deliver quality and resourceful content.

As an SEO company, we welcome this change. All along Google’s been preaching to focus on quality, usability, and good design and telling us if we do that, the traffic will flow. But for the past 4 years it’s only become easier and easier for spammers to jump in the game for minimal time investment.

Matt Cutt’s, the head engineer of Google search explains how they have been going after content spam, keyword stuffing by giving some examples here;

So what should you do to make the most of these changes?
Continue to focus on what your customer is looking for and provide it to them in a easy to use and professionally designed format. If you sell lawn mowers but you don’t have resources or guides for best mowing practices, lawn care, then you’re not the most relevant site on the web for lawn mowers, or certainly not the most helpful.

Content is king with SEO now
The more valuable the content and resources on the site, the more rankings you’ll build. And the more often you add fresh content, the more often Google will spider (crawl) your site. Build a content strategy for the rest of the year, task an employees with it, and hold them accountable. Or make sure your SEO firm is on top of this.

No more freelance link builders or automation.
Stay away from software, submissions, and other low quality link schemes. There are way too many ways to get in trouble with link building from too much anchor text keyword signals, to too many links from one type of site (think forums, blogs, press releases). Your links must look natural and be from high quality sources. Either hire a professional to consult with your time or consider just letting your site build links on its own through social media promotion of your authoritative resources and high quality content.