• As mentioned in our previous blog post; the “semantic search” algorithm update is being pushed live by Google some time in the spring of 2012.  This penalizes sites that have keyword overstuffing and will most likely be looking more closely at just how much content a given site has for a particular niche.  

  • The biggest changes in 2012 for the search engines have to do with over optimization of keywords and lack of quality relevant content for your niche.

    Basically, this is the most important thing YOU can do for your websites Internet success.

    You can see these topics in the news here;

    1.  Search Engine Land from March 16th 2012.

  • New Google Algorithm Update

    Google is pushing live yet another game changing update in the coming weeks, according to Matt Cutts (head engineer at Google Search).  This update to the famous “Googlebot”will penalize sites that “over-optimize” for prime Google results.