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Blog Marketing Done Right

Blog marketing attempts to maximize your traffic and web visibility created by blogging. Traditionally, this includes practices such as on-page SEO, submissions to blog directories, and RSS syndication. At Search Placement, we take blog marketing a step farther and network with other popular bloggers to get blogposts on your company published on other blogs. This increases your blog's link popularity as well as drives click-through traffic to your website or blog. Just as with websites, blogs are also measured by the number and quality of backlinks from other bloggers.

Market Your Blog

Search engines love to see new content added on a regular basis. Blogs provide an excellent way to quickly and easily add keyword rich content to your website or can even serve as a complete, stand-alone website.

  • No knowledge of HTML or FTP is required
  • Multiple user accounts can be created
  • Blogposts can be published instantly
  • New blogposts are automatically optimized
  • Blog "ping" feature notifies search engines and newsgroups of new blogposts
  • RSS syndication allows for users to subscribe to your blog

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Advertise on Partner Blogs

We find respected blogs within your industry and contact them about publishing blogposts about your company, product, or service. Bloggers are given instruction on the subject of the blogpost but are free to write in their own style as long as the post is well-written and positive. To maintain quality assurance, there are several quidelines that we require of our publishers:

  • Blogs must provide high quality content (ad filled blog sites are not accepted)
  • Blogs must be related to your industry
  • Blogs must possess high readership
  • Blogs posts most be permanent and optimized for the search engines
  • Blogs hosted on sites such as Blogger, MySpace, and LiveJournal are not accepted

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