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Search engine marketing for ecommerce websites requires a very different approach then marketing for a static web site. Our search engine optimization experts have helped hundreds of Ecommerce website owners achieve significant increase in sales through ecommerce SEO, social media marketing, and paid search.

There are three key elements for an online storefront to maximize SEO success.

Ecommerce SEO

Site Architecture & User Friendly Design If Google cant crawl it, people won't see it. Many ecommerce platforms use navigation styles that the search engines can't read (flash and javascript as an example) or use a layout that does not properly pass link popularity (trust) to your sites inner pages.

Landing Page Optimization & Dynamic Templates Ecommerce stores can rank for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of keywords if the foundation is properly set up. Your home page, category pages, and product pages should all use a specific template that is perfectly optimized. This means when you create a new page or add a new product, you're already set.

Link Popularity & Trust Building Without trust your site stands no chance to rank for competitive ecommerce keywords. To maximize your SEO your site needs to have more trust associated with it then your online competitors. We help your firm build trust through white hat only methods; social media marketing, online promotions such as press releases, guest blog posts, articles, contests and more.

Why Us?

Unlike most search engine marketing companies, we do not require termed contracts or have any hidden fees. Our clients stay with us because they see real, measurable results within realistic time frames. With our ecommerce marketing services you will receive reports every week on your conversions, keyword positions, and site metrics along with a detailed explanation of the work done. For more information contact us and receive a free analysis of your web site.

Is SEO That Important Ecommerce Websites?

A recent report by Neilson Media shows over 72% of the clicks on Google go to websites in the natural search engine results. Furthermore, other studies show pay per click costs are consistently increasing at 10-12% year after year. Having top rankings for a ecommerce website is crucial for long term success in the online marketing world. We have experience working with a wide array of ecommerce platforms. The best, most SEO friendly, and easy to use solution that we've found is Big Commerce.

SEO & Ecommerce Usability Guidelines

We can't even count how many websites we see on a day to day basis that are losing sales over poor web usability. Our goal with our ecommerce marketing and SEO services is not just to increase your traffic but to help you become an online success. That's why our experts are fully trained in ecommerce usability guidlines. We will work with you to ensure your web site not only maximizes traffic but also has the best possible chance to turn that traffic into a sale.

Common Issues With Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce websites come in a wide array of programming leading to potential problems for many SEO firms not familiar with the sites programming. Our SEO professionals are trained in all major Ecommerce platforms such as Drupal, Joomla, VirtueMart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, ZenCart and more. Why risk lost revenue and problems with your ecommece website when you can hire professionals that provide real results with no downtime?

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