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Ecommerce Social Media

At Search Placement, Social Media is about creating insight centered, intelligent solutions that meet business needs. We excel at doing this from an aspect of brand experience and ecommerce conversion. We believe that social media, like all endeavors, should produce measurable results.

Three core truisms about social media :

  • Social media success relies on an aspect that is worth sharing and conversing about.
  • Social media marketing is not just one of our services – it is an aspect of everything we do.
  • Social media must serve a business purpose. Ideally it is turning conversations into purchases.
  • Social media is the future of SEO. The search engines look at social media signals as a indicator of trust.

Search Placement Marketing can help your online store take full advantage of social media marketing. For example, Twitter can be used to like radio to broadcast advertsisments and sales to a large audience of targeted prospects and industry movers & shakers. By tweeting snippets of your website on Twitter, along with other useful and interesting info related to your industry, people may re-tweet your tweets so more and more people tailored to your industry will follow you and your social sites. Twitter helps you broadcast your business out to the world to people who have never heard of you. It also increases search engine rankings as Google now indexes social media.

Facebook is great in order to be engage costumers and fans, cross sell current clients,  and to provide online costumer support. Facebook is more personable then Twitter and only core fans will follow you there. This is just the beginning of what Facebook can do for your social media program and spreading the word about your company. Cultivate friends into buyers, and buyers into fanatics.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites create a whole new avenue to generate ecommerce for social media business that goes hand in hand with SEO and engage your on-line customers. A Facebook search can really boost your popularity and brand awareness.

Our initial goal is to get 25 'Likes' to secure a URL. Once the URL is secured, then Search Placement Marketing will use various other methods to attract 'Likes' such as email newsletters, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, and other incentives. Within your ecommerce shopping cart, several social networking-friendly techniques must be implemented to maximize your product's exposure.

Examples include custom Facebook, Twitter, Google +1 imagery for sharing, liking, promoting those items with friends. For each industry, the growth of your 'Likes' will vary. If your products are hip, cool, and related to a specific lifestyle group (e.g. mountain bikers, skydivers, fashion-conscious college students) then the 'Likes' will build faster than if it is not. The growth of 'Likes' also depends on if you have an e-mail list or not. The more people in your database that can be contacted, the faster the Facebook 'Likes' can and will grow.

Most companies are trying to discover how to use social to sell their products or services. This is necessary, but focusing on facilitating existing buyers to be social can deliver large returns. We can give you the means to monetize your social media, beyond your ecommerce website.

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