• Webspam Stop

    It’s official; Google has done it again with some major changes going through to the algorithms (the factors that decide how you’re site should be found on the search engine results).  This time they’re targeting sites that have been “spamming” or trying to manipulate the search results through “link schemes” and “over optimization”.

  • The biggest changes in 2012 for the search engines have to do with over optimization of keywords and lack of quality relevant content for your niche.

    Basically, this is the most important thing YOU can do for your websites Internet success.

    You can see these topics in the news here;

    1.  Search Engine Land from March 16th 2012.

  • New Google Algorithm Update

    Google is pushing live yet another game changing update in the coming weeks, according to Matt Cutts (head engineer at Google Search).  This update to the famous “Googlebot”will penalize sites that “over-optimize” for prime Google results. 

  • For those of you who haven't heard already. Google just announced the launch of Google +1, link here. In summary this lets people vote for links in the SERPS that they like. This can be shared with your network of Google friends and will most definitely be an indicator of quality at some point in time if not immediately.

  • Google is one of -- if not THE -- most profitable technology firm on the globe. Starting with humble beginnings as a basic search engine service, the Google brand has spread its reach across every possible concentration of Internet technology that it can get its hands into and has generated billions upon billions of dollars since its 1996 inception.

  • Recent studies show that Google Instant Search over the past month has proven to be a positive force on search advertising, by advantaging advertisers with higher impressions and clicks, and adding to Google’s bottom line in the process. Marin Software, a company whose search marketing products are used to manage more than $1.3 billion in yearly search engine spending, researched the current impact of Google Instant on several hundred of their clients, recording findings two weeks preceding and prior to September 8th when Goggle Instant was launched.

  • Google has recently shown off an amazing new product out of it's labs: Google Wave. The hour-plus long demo is actually captivating the whole time through, in part because of the exciting new methods of streamlining and optimizing of so many communications protocols and technologies.

  • The political sphere is the playground for Googles new gadget to be beta tested, the G-Audi. This tool is created to transcribe video feeds on the web, creating a text-based reference that can be searched.

  • Until a mere 15 years ago newspapers were the vehicle through which we learned about the world. Politics, sports, entertainment and of course the day to day happenings that we call news, were all in one easy to find place, the newspaper. The web gave us easy access, to not only our local, regional but to national and international information at the press of a button. What was lacking? The past.

  • Google Chrome: sleek, swift and safe… Three things that the general public are attracted to. After reading about Google Chrome for the last week, in the news, in the blogs, in emails… it was time to try it out and see for myself what the multiprocessing architecture or “V8” Javascript engine really had to offer. The results… I am a fan. This was built from the ground up incorporating what has worked best for all web browsers that have come before it. The open source webkit used to create Apple's Safari was incorporated with features also pulled from Firefox, Internet 7&8 and Opera.

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