The SEO Process

Search Placement Development Plan

In development of a search engine placement plan, our analysts will run a full assessment of your sites strengths and weaknesses. The assessment will determine what modifications need to be made to sections (or elements) of your website and what off page issues should be addressed. In most cases these changes would modify the look or design of your site. Should modification be necessary this will be detailed before the project begins.
This list indicates areas we feel require some degree of modification, or optimization.

SEO Process Overview

Our goal is to keep our clients in the loop and make the SEO process as simple, straightforward, and understandable as possible. Through the process you'll be provided detailed reports and be well educated on the progress of your site. Generally, our client sites can be optimized within two-four weeks. Here is the process we follow in point form:

  • Download entire site from host server (FTP info to be provided by client or webmaster)
  • Run site assessment to determine keyword to non-keyword ratios, site architecture, link-structure, link-density and link-popularity,
  • Assessment of your competitive environment (getting a feel for who is top 10 and what they've done to get there)
  • Physical changes to your website
  • Offpage Link Popularity Building & Sitemap Installation
  • Client review and approval of changes (optimized website posted on a section of search-placements client server, only search placement staff and client may access this section. Site removed from server and posted live after client approval)
  • Re-posting the site to client server
  • Follow up keyword ranking reports

Detailed SEO Process

On Page Changes:

On page changes are necessary for every site. These changes will address keyword integration, navigation fixes to help the search engines index your entire site, link structure, and more.

Website On Page Elements

  • Meta Tags - Keyword, Description, Robots and Accessibility Tags
  • Keyword Integration - (From detailed keyword analysis report)
  • Content - Positioning and disbursement of keywords throughout the copy.
  • Links - Link structure, Alt tags, Text link words and titles.
  • Keyword Density of each major section on the page.
  • Web site accessibility.
  • Site Architecture
  • Link Densit

Off Page Changes:

Our off page procedure includes addressing issues to help build link popularity, click through traffic, back links, and site indexing.

Website Off Page Elements

  • Creation & Installation of Sitemaps
  • Competitive site link analysis
  • Niche Directory Submission to high page rank directories
  • Niche Article Submissions to high page rank article directories
  • Blog and RSS Submissions
  • Purchase of text links on relevant high page rank sites


Search-placement will provide several reports through the contracted SEO process

  • Site Optimization Reports
    Detailed modifications and changes made to the site during the SEO process.
  • Offpage Linkbuilding Reports
    Detailed information of the directories the site was submitted to.

    Paid-inclusion receipts (for clients that choose this package).
    Screenshots of directory and article submissions (furnished upon request)

  • Keyword Placement Report
    Detailed search engine placement report when your website changes have been indexed.
  • Monthly Search Engine Placement Reports
    StepForth forwards a standard search engine position report in the last week of each month
  • Newsletters, Bulletins, and Important Special Reports
    From time to time we will provide information regarding changes to your site. Or if something significant happens with the search engines we will notify you. We may also send newsletters to provide information and tips on additional changes you can make to further optimize your site.

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