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Why Keeping an Active Blog is so Important to Rank

An active blog = an active website

Google loves fresh up to date content, so regularly adding new content shows the search engines that your site is active and always up to date. By not updating your site, the search engines will tend to ignore it and crawl it less requently and may consider that it has old and outdated content. Sites that are continually adding new, fresh and unique content are rewarded with better rankings… and therefore more traffic.

More content = more traffic

Each blog post or page gives you another page to your site that Google, and other search engines can index. This will allow you an even greater change to rank for long tail searches to your site just because a particular post was exactly what the user was searching for, thus bringing more vists to your site.

More blog pages = more internal links

Each new blog page will have keyword-optimized links to your site’s important pages, passing the blog’s authority and PageRank to your “money pages” which helps them get ranked better and faster.

An interesting blog = a “hub” for building a social following

Getting “likes”, “shares”, “tweets” or “follows” can be nearly impossible on a product page or ecommerce store front. It tends to be a much easier task to do when you write an interesting article, experience, or whatever the hot topic is of the hour in your blog. An onsite blog is the central way to create your social following

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