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Ecommerce Consulting

Our team has helped literally hundreds of start ups and existing ecommerce businesses increase revenues through digital marketing over the last 6 years. Throughout the course of time we’ve come to understand much more then just optimal internet marketing strategies for online stores, we understand the entire business element itself. In fact, we even have a few of our own online stores that we run in-house. Many companies that bring us on board already have a marketing team, design team, and coder in place but need someone to manage their team and their marketing plans accordingly. We can help out in several key area’s.

Design Consulting for SEO Friendliness

It’s all too common that a business comes to us after they’ve redesigned their site and lost all their rankings (or been disappointed with the lack of rankings from a new site). The sad fact is, designers are not usually marketers. Most design firms only think of the look of your site, not its SEO friendliness (we love that phrase). We can work with your design firm to make sure your site incorporates SEO on the front end, not after the fact.

SEO Consulting

Both on page and off page. Our team knows exactly what Google looks for with code, keyword integration, site architecture, content, and more. Furthermore, we can guide your team through link building and off page practices that will shore up your sites trust and relevance in the search results.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the fastest growing digital marketing avenue out today, because it works. We can help your team create engaging Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and localized social media campaigns that will serve as a conduit for improving your SEO, growing your fans, building brand, and even reputation management. Social media, though not for everyone, shouldn’t be overlooked.

Pay per click & Re-marketing

It’s easy to waste money on Adwords, it’s also easy to make money with pay per click. It’s all about your campaign set up and foundation. We offer in depth PPC & Re-marketing reviews and consulting to help businesses maximize profits and lower ad costs. Our team is a Google certified partner.